Unani Dawakhana Know About Unani Dawakhana

LIke Ayourvedic, the Unani system of medicine also went by the three fundamental , air Bile, and phlegm (ruh,safe, and bulgum) and collected its durg from the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom. Orgination in Central Asia, its naturally picked up those plants to choose its medicine from which are common in that region. Basically , thissystem also depended on outer physical symptoms for the diagnosis. In Arabic ancient Greece was konwn as Unan and Hippocrates (460-357 B.C) who practiced and taught medicine in Athens, by early originator of this system, it came to be associates with thename of his country as the Unani system. Writing about its popularity in HooghlyDistrict. LT. Col. Crawford remarked in 1903/ The Yunani or Musalaman system of medicine is now little practiced in this district. There is a large well equipped yunanidispensary in the Imambarah building at Hooghly under the charge of a skill parctitioner of the system of LUcknow, which is resorted to by the Musalaman of Hugli Town (LtCol. Crowford - op cit p 372). It is pertinent to point out in this connexion that as early as i april 1837, some 61 years id Crowford published his well known work a letter was published in one of the journal of time "Samaj" which praised the efforts of Dr. T.A.Wise in staring a hospital for better Hindus, Muslim out of the Imambarah Trust created by Haji Mohammad Mohsin and gave a list of the medical practitioner serving there which was belong.

Medical Practitioner No Of Employee Montly Pay
Muslim Hakim 1 Rs.75
Hindu Kaviraj 1 Rs.30
Assistant Kaviraj 1 Rs.8
Compunder 2 Rs.12
Mohori 1 Rs.5