Jubilee Bridge Know About Jubilee Bridge

The bridge, which is so called Jubilee Bridge was opened in the Jubilee year (1887) is constructed on iron caisson, such below the bed of the river and filled in with bricks and mortar. It is built as the cantilever system and has three span. The central cantilever span rests on two piers in the middle of the river of the two and three span project from either bank. The two central pier are each sunk to a depth of 100 feet below main sea level , or 73 feet below the river bed. The height of the bridge above highest water is 36 1/2 feet, so as to allow ample space beneath for the passage of river steamer and native Cargo boats. It lenght is 1200 feet consisting of two span projecting from the bank, measuring 420 feet each, and on central span 360 feet. All heavy traffic intended for export overseas such as Coal, jute, oil seeds, Wheat and passe over this line and thence by Eastern Bengal of State Railway and Kankurgachi loop to Khiderpore Dock south of Calcutta.