Hooghly Imambarah Know About Hooghly Imambarah








The Imambarah is an imposing edifice constructed out of fund which had accumulated for an endowment left by a pious and wealthy Mohammedan, haji Mohamad Mohsin, By a deed dated 20th April 1806, he created a trust and directed that hthe proceeds of his large property should be divided in nine equal shares. Three Shares were to be applied to religious celebration festival and the repair of Imambarah buliding and established and pension and two shares to the two trustees appointed as Mutwalli. On account of mismanagement of the trust properties left by Haji Mohammad Mohsin, Government dismissed the trustees in 1818 and during the long litigation that follow 1818 to 1835, large surplus accomulated amounting to Eight Lakh fifty thousand of rupees which was utilized for establishing the Hooghly Mohsin College and the present Imambarah building having a masonry revetment on the river bank.




The Imambarah building cost Rs.2.17.413 , including a large clock procured from England, which cost Rs. 11.721/- work was begn in 1841 and was completed on 1861, the Imambarah replacing and an old buliding said to have been erceted about 1694 or according to account about 1717.....The main entrance consists of a wide gate flanked by a tall tower on each side. The tower are about 80 fet high and have staircase inside leading to a gallery on the top from which an excellent view of the surrounding counting for many miles can be obtained, Between them is massive click tower. The gate leads to a large quadrangular courtyard paved with marble in the centre of which is masonry cistern.....On the two sides of the quadrangular are two storied ranges of room.and on the north side stands the mosque proper.....See page 270 of O.S.S Malley 1912.

Its roof supported by sliender pillars, the floor is paved with marble and the walls are decorated with texts from Koran in black and athe others colour. The interior is rich with inlaid Italian marble and carving, Belgium Chandeliers and lanterns, and there is pulpit coated with sliver plate. West of the entrance gate are rooms set aside for youani dispensary , beyound which is the Hamam Ghar or Ghusul Bath . East of the gate runs a range of double storied buliding which contain the offices and the quarters of the Mutwalli. Furher east is garden containing several forms, including those of Mirza Salauddin Muhammad Khan, Faujadar of Hooghly, his wife Manu Jahan Khanam, his father in law, Agha Mutahar and his brother in law Mohamamad Mohsin himself a pathway through the garden leads a suite of rooms facing the river, which are now let on hire. East of the garden and separated from it by a drain, is an enclosed hat estblished by Salauddin in which a market is held every Thoursday and Saturday.

The Imambarah is a Shiah institution whare Muharram ceremony is performed and is under the management of the Mutwalli or trustee's . It is maintained from the grant allotted from the Mohins Fund.