Hooghly Imambarah Library Know About Hooghly Imambarah Library

Calcutta, the Hooghly district has been the cradle of the library movement in West Bengal as some of the earliest library in the state was started here. Haji Mohammad Mohsin built up a rich collection of Arabic, Persian, and the other book and manuscripts which are now at National Library, Calcutta.

From the letter of C.T. Buckland, Commissioner of Burdwan addressed to the Secretary to the Government of Bengal, Revenue Department dated 13th March 1875. See page 459 Blue book of Hooghly Imambarah

"Sir, I have the Honour to submit copy of a letter No 36 dated 23th April, from the Local Agent, Hooghly and a letter in original from the Mutwalli of the Hooghly Enmambarah addressed to the Government of India with four copies of the manuscripts catalogue of the books of which the Mutwalli has made a gift to the Emambarah.
2. I recommend that the offer of the Mutwalli may be accepted and duly acknowkedge by the Government."