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Committee of management is in charge of the management and complete control of all the properties whether Wakq properties or Kharij Tawliyat properties which have been vested with the Hooghly Imambarah. The committee is within control of the Wakf Haji Mohammed Mohsin and the Tauzi 92 properties vested by The British Government to the committee of management for financing the shortage in religious functions as per directions of Haji Mohammed Mohsin in his wakf deed 1806.

In control and overall supervision of day to day affairs of Hooghly Imambarah collection of rent, maintenance of the properties, the graveyard - two third of the properties of Haji Mohammed Mohsin was taken by the British Government under his control for education and secular purposes. The educational purposes were the School, the College and the Madrasah and other establishments were made which is still running. And other secular, the Imambarah Sadar Hospital was built and that is also run by the Government.The other purposes which was another one third of the religious purpose is only under the control of the committee of management.